About the Author

star-of-Ra-2I started out on my career as an artist by sculpting miniature toy soldiers for collectors and fantasy figures for gamers, this base expanded as I became involved in jewellery design and architectural modelling.

I was contacted by a television company with the request to supply whole armies of miniature soldiers for a one off TV program called A magnum for Schneider. The success of this program spawned the famous television series called Callan. More television and feature film work followed. One film that sticks in my mind was a remake of The four feathers about the British army in the Sudan during 1884/5 staring Beau Bridges, Robert Powel, and Jane Seymour. Some tiny 30 mm high figures of mine were used as the background for the film’s opening credits, I was surprised at how well they looked considering that they were considerably expanded in size on a television screen.

I was interviewed by Stanley Kubrick, who was in pre production for his pet project Napoleon, Stanley wanted to plan all of his battle sequences with models but once he learned of my knowledge of the uniforms of the period there was some talk of using me as a technical advisor, sadly this film was never produced. More film offers came my way including a commission to produce a set of Nazi figures to stand on the desk of a high ranking German officer in the film Escape to Athena. I knew who was to appear in the film and made each of the figures look like the main actors. To my great disappointment the pieces never appeared in the film. I later heard from a colleague who worked on the film that the reason the figures weren’t shown was because the various actors who had recognised their likeness in my pieces acquired them. How true this story is I don’t know but I felt that they could have waited until the movie was finished before getting their hands on them. It wasn’t long before I was working almost exclusively for the film industry and I rented a small studio in the old EMI/MGM film studios in Elstree. Some of the many films I worked on included Duet for One, Superman, Return to Oz, Life Force, Ridley Scot’s Legend, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Krull, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, Greystoke the Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, The Prisoner of Zenda, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.