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This site has been created to hopefully whet the appetites of book lovers who enjoy alternative history, war stories, and science fiction. My book is all of those subjects rolled into one. If a picture is worth a thousand words then these pages will inform readers of the appearance of the military hardware and spacecraft mentioned in my story. All of the illustrations represent actual settings and incidents featured in my tale. My story is set against the exciting backdrop of World War two and opens with a UFO crashing in Germany’s Black Forrest in the Summer of 1936, eleven years before the Roswell Incident. Himmler’s SS drew a veil of secrecy over this episode.

Whispered rumours in the area about a surviving member of the crew persisted for some years. Just what was the fate of the surviving crewmember? What happened to the spaceship? Who was the beautiful and enigmatic Maria Orsic? What was the function of the Vril Society that Maria belonged to? Did she really summon the UFO from its home planet telepathically? And just who was the man with the amber coloured eyes? To this day the answer to many of these questions remain a mystery.

This event has been the subject of several fascinating TV documentaries. I have taken what facts are available and let my imagination do the rest.

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As the artist who created the images on this site I own all copyrights. Anyone who wishes to use them can do so but permission must be requested by email explaining what they are to be used for. There is usually no charge made for this, my only stipulation is that the web address is not removed from the artwork.